A Tryst With Flavours #OnlyAtSangam | Sangam Courtyard


My understanding and appreciation of cuisine and gastronomy comes from a very personal place, where nostalgia, experiences, and flavors play a role just as integral as what I order or its presentation.

Reliving memories through taste, everything I ordered at Sangam Courtyard took me back – the pizza at Cafe Diva to the first slice of truly authentic pizza I had in magnificent Florence, to a deliciously cooked roast at Delhi Club House with an incredible consistency that rivaled only that of Fernando’s in Barcelona.

So much of food and the culinary arts is about sharing, trading, and understanding how it truly transcends boundaries. The key behind a good meal? Truly exceptional dishes are palatable to the heart, having a unique quality of both transfixing you to your seat but also transporting you and taking you on a journey. While Ziu’s incredible Thai curry took me back to a sunny Bangkok day, Cafe Delhi Heights’s Miso Soup brought a smile to my face as I reminisced ducking from a particularly wet London day, and sipping on the soup with a friend in Soho to warm up.

Good food has an ability to arrest your thoughts. However, they don’t all have to take you to far-flung places with visa stamps. In fact, the opposite is true, where some of the most poignant moments are where I get to pull back the veil and give in to a flood of golden memories from mother’s kitchen, preserved in some sort of suspended golden retro filter in my head, a surreal moment I had when I bit into a cake at Theos. Of course it wasn’t mum’s, but something about the cinnamon and sugar (a divine combination of aromas in their own right) made me grin.

My tryst with food is far from over. So much more to be explored, so much more to be experienced! I look at the promise to dine at Nueva not only for what I’m sure will make for an excellent dinner but also of a whole new world that would open up for me! A sip of pisco at Peru, a bite of the empanadas at Chile – food holds a promise of a lot more than what’s on my plate. While I wait and plan to slip on the backpack and make my way through to the other side of the world, I shall be content in eating (and dreaming) at Sangam Courtyard.

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