Friendicoes Pet Adoption Drive At Sangam Courtyard!

Food, entertainment, and man’s best friends – there is no better way to warm your heart. It was doggie heaven at Sangam Courtyard last weekend as we hosted seven adorable dogs from Friendicoes for an adoption drive, and the entire experience was exhilarating!


Sangam Courtyard has a long-standing tradition of social outreach and giving back to the community, and we had all been coming across an increasing number of heart-wrenching stories of abused and abandoned pets in the larger Delhi NCR region, Top Restaurants In New Delhi. Wanting to do something for these silently suffering animals, we decided that partnering with a credible name such as Friendicoes and finding forever homes for them was the way to go. Our drive began at 2:00 pm in the afternoon last Sunday with the Friendicoes team, a merry band of volunteers and a flurry of adorable pooches, young and old alike, setting up camp in the main foyer of the mall. By 2:30 pm, almost everybody at Sangam Courtyard had gathered to delightedly take a look at the beautiful dogs, many of whom had been abandoned in a horrible condition and nursed back to health.


With some restaurants started offering free refreshments and samples to the people gathered there, the whole event developed the feeling of a lovely and vibrant community event. Many of our visitors were first-timers at Sangam Courtyard, who had heard the news of the drive from our Facebook Event page and had traveled from places like Dwarka, Noida and Greater Noida to attend! It was impossible not to get carried away watching families interacting with these wonderful dogs like Starfish, Porus, Bouncer, Hooch and Misha. We want to acknowledge everyone who attended –  If you’re reading this, a salute to your efforts in sharing your time and love with all of them!


Almost all the dogs in the drive received adoption requests, and a fair number of people also donated to Friendicoes’ cause. Friendicoes SECA began with a tiny premises of 17 sq ft in the heart of Delhi and has grown to triple its size through their sheer commitment and love for animals. If you want to know more about them, visit their Facebook page or website Over all, it was a truly wonderful day and we are in the process of planning more such drives – so keep watching this space for more updates!

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