5 Cocktails to Rock Your World At Sangam!

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5 Cocktails to Rock Your World At Sangam!
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5 Cocktails to Rock Your World At Sangam!
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Sangam Courtyard is flanked by some of the best bars in town, all equipped with experienced and innovate mixologists and barkeeps! Here is a list of 5 unique cocktails that take center stage, with their ingredients and flavor reflecting the incredible offerings of the restaurants themselves!

1. Martinis | Delhi Club House 

While Martinis (shaken or stirred) are a classic concoction preferred the world over, Delhi Club House’s twist on flavors creates a curious blend of flavors, best paired with their innovative fusion food. The Apple Kiwi Martini is a shock of freshness, appeasing the palate with hints of nature’s best. Also, try the classic Old Spice as it promises to bring your sense of nostalgia and old world charm bubbling up.!

2. Red Island | Ziu 

Embracing flavors from the Orient, the Red Island is a signature cocktail crafted by the expert mixologist at Ziu. Paired with delicious Thai cuisine dishes, the Red Island combines the flavors of Red Wine, Gin, and Lemon Juice – resulting in a dynamic blend! Cutting the tangy with a hint of Cinnamon and topped with Star Anise, this cocktail is not to be missed!

3.  Sangria | The Fatty Bao 

This Banglore favorite is best known for some of its inspiring fusion cuisine, inspired by food trends prevalent all over Asia. However, The Fatty Bao boasts some fantastic cocktails too; our favorite was the Mango Peach Sangria! With White wine, peach nectar, mango juice, brandy, dark rum, apple juice and red grape juice perfectly blended together, The Fatty Bao may be on to something with their Colour Me Mango special!

4. Red Wine Sangria | Cafe Delhi Heights 

A popular haunt with for catching up with quick nibbles, live shows, and entertainment, grab a Red Wine Sangria at Cafe Delhi Height; a classic drink to bring in the weekend! Prepared with liquor infused fruits, this is definitely our drink of choice to get a respite from Delhi’s heat!

5. Pomegranate and Basil Sangria | Cafe Diva

Aside from one of the best wine lists in the city, the magician mixologists have conjured up an incredible line of Sangrias, Ranging from the classic Red/White to our personal favorite Pomegranate and Basil, head over to Cafe Diva to savor their incredible cocktails with their signature hand-tossed Pizzas!

Head over to Sangam Courtyard and sample these delicious concoctions to bring in the weekend!

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