Planning A Date At The Courtyard? Here’s Our Foolproof Plan!

Wondering what to do when that cute friend/colleague/boy next door asks you out? Want to create that perfect blend of a natural, no-pressure, romantic date? When in doubt, go back to the classics. They never fail you. Getting to know someone better happens best when both of you are having fun, and at Sangam Courtyard, you’ll never run out of great ways to spend quality time together.

Start with gourmet coffee and the sweetest delights in Delhi at Sangam’s Starbucks or Theo’s. Have long, intense discussions about which desserts to get and share stories about your favorite sweet moments. Try them all to your heart’s content, and then, agree to disagree about which one was the best (we all know that’s how it goes!).

Follow up the sugar high with the best movies in play at Sangam PVR. Choose from the latest from Hollywood and Bollywood to suit your mood or, if you’re feeling really affectionate, let your significant other choose the movie they want to watch. It’s the perfect setting to just sit back, let the hassles of the day fall away, and enjoy being transported to another world together. Enjoy the plush comfort of the state-of-the-art movie theatre, have delicious snacks delivered to your seats, and let the best of new movies entertain you!

After the desserts and the movie, its time to put the focus back on the romance part of the evening. Sample the range of world cuisines at Sangam’s lovely line-up of Delhi’s best restaurants. Whether it is Pan-Asian cuisine at Fatty Bao, Thai delicacies at Ziu, mouth-watering Latin American dishes at Nueva, authentic Italian at Café Diva, or the sumptuous variety of wonderful eats at Delhi Club House or Café Delhi Heights, you will find your adventurous culinary instincts here! Let the drinks set the mood for wonderful conversations as you spill stories and secrets and explore the best exotic food Delhi has to offer.

Cut out the stress from the first date, and create a fun-filled evening where both of you can relax, share and just enjoy being together. And if you really want to pull out all the stops and make an unforgettable impression, participate in one of viral contests on Sangam’s Facebook & Instagram handles and win PVR vouchers for movies and a wonderful dinner for two on the house! It’s a fool-proof recipe for the perfect evening.

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