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One of the biggest reasons most health resolutions and diets fail is cravings. Constantly fighting against what you are craving can turn every meal, every occasion into a battle against temptation. But here’s the secret – good health is not about starving yourself, getting lost in calorie calculations, or forever denying yourself the special pleasures and tastes in life. In fact, the amazing efficiency of our metabolic system means it was never meant for a harshly restricted diet. By following healthy eating principles such as a balanced diet, cutting out processes foods, and eating fresh, you can detox your body and build a foundation for wellness.

Good health is about learning what works best for you and training yourself to make healthier life choices every day, especially when it comes to the food you eat. And for those cravings or special occasions, you’ll be surprised by how many amazing health benefits you get from wonderful, fresh food prepared with love can both balance your meal and also satisfy that your need for indulgence.

Aydūn Authentic Italian buy gabapentin 800 mg Pastas, Café Diva Sangam @ Sangam Courtyard

Can something as delicious as pasta have health benefits? Yes, it absolutely can and does.

Originating in Italy, pasta has long been a staple part of Mediterranean diet which many doctors and dietitians recommend for better weight control and a lower risk of disease. In fact, studies prove that eating pasta as part of a healthful diet that cuts out processed ingredients and added sugar gives better weight loss and better heart health! Because pasta is generally made from a special kind of wheat, whole wheat pasta contains a high amount of protein, fiber, Manganese, Selenium, Vitamin B, Copper, Phosphorous and Iron – all elements that our body needs to function well! Even refined pasta has nutritional value as a significant source of protein, Selenium and Vitamin B.

So why does this versatile ingredient have a bad rap? Because how we eat it now is very different from how it was meant to be had! Like all food, portion control is the key element. Make sure that, as far as possible, your pasta dish has fresh ingredients and no processed, high chemical sauces or flavoring. You can make your pasta craving a healthier dining option by adding fresh vegetables and proteins, healthy oils like olive oil, and a variety of sauces to suit your mood.

And if you’re inspired to experience the magical versatility and indulgence of authentically prepared pasta dishes in true Italian style, head straight to Café Diva Sangam @ Sangam Courtyard. Consistently topping the charts as one of India’s best destinations for Italian cuisine, the Diva restaurants reflect the passion and love that chef Ritu Dalmia and her talented team have for culinary perfection. Be spoilt for choice and rediscover the humble pasta in sublime combinations with a range of healthy and delicious ingredients, cooked fresh and with expert loving care.

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